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2013-10-18-101233In the face of accelerating environmental change, and with a growing number of children spending much of their time indoors and “connected to” various electronic devices, it is becoming more and more important for children to have the opportunity to learn about their relationship to and their place in the natural world. Every year, hundreds of Ukiah Unified School District students participate in the Redwood Valley Outdoor Education Program and begin to build a better understanding of that essential connection.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 
-Albert Einstein

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“Kids need nature – and we, as parents, educators, and caring adults, need to provide it to them! It’s a simple statement, but one that has become harder and harder to achieve in the world of standardized tests, electronics, and organized sports.” From Opening The World Through Nature Journaling, Published by the California Native Plant Society


SHOW AND TELL is a place to share – through art, photography, writing, and excerpts from our nature journals – the experiences we, both students and adults, have had in the natural world of the RVOEP. Show and Tell is also a place to have fun learning about RVOEP plants and animals, solve some challenging nature mysteries, and view other student work from our educational programs. When we take time to record and share our observations, we begin to experience nature in a different way – we take a closer more intimate look. Enjoy!Show&TellSecondPhoto